Roopkom “Special”

Roopkom “Special”

Roopkom has been developed to supplement the basic skills taught in elementary school classrooms as well as be a fun and engaging game.  While the appearance of the game itself may seem simple, the process for making it certainly is not. Each of the nine blocks are handmade from recycled water bottles!  Every block has a portion of an image on each side that when placed in the right combination showcases a complete picture!!  Roopkom is more than meets the eye with six puzzles in one! 

This version of Roopkom allows you to step into the role of designer and personalize the perfect gift. Simply provide six images of your choice and we will create a puzzle specifically for you or your business. Not only will you have a fun, creative and unique gift, you’re also contributing to Panha Sabay’s eco-friendly goal of recycling and reducing waste.

Please contact us to start creating your very own Roopkom puzzle today!

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