Roopkom “Thom”

Roopkom “Thom”

Roopkom Thom (the big game) has been developed for hotels and restaurants. It is a combination of a number of the unique Panha Sabay products combined in a pizza box. If you want to offer your kid-customers something special you can entertain them with Roopkom Thom.

The box actually contains 5 different games:

  • You can puzzle either the 6 pictures or the 6 Khmer words of the animals from the original game of Roopkom Kids.
  • And you can make the Tor Tor, the math-snake. Make the longest equation ever and check your own work with the color key.
  • The Khmer house is a big puzzle. It is possible to make it stand up like a real house.
  • With the alphabet you can create many words.
  • Finally you can design beautiful mosaics with the colored triangles.

While the appearance of the game itself may seem simple, the process for making it certainly is not. Each of the 27 blocks are handmade from recycled water bottles! 

With this product we are also promoting recycling and environmental awareness. Every plastic bottle that is re-purposed into a Roopkom Thom block is helping to reduce the amount of waste we see around us. 

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