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A new intern

Since last week we have a new intern at Panha Sabay. I know Chhen already a long time. He was one of the first students at the PDC when I worked there years ago. Unfortunately he failed his high school exams last year. In Cambodia this means that you have to wait a whole schoolyear to try again. But in the end this could be sort of a good thing for him because the PDC and Panha Sabay give him the chance to learn and experience lots of different things this year. He comes to our office for two days a week. We are working on his English and he will learn to design on the computer. But since he is interested in sales and marketing I will also give hem weekly assignments in that area.

He will introduce himself: 

“Hello my name is Chhen. I am 20 years old now day I live in Korkthlork village Kondek commune, Brasat Bakong district Siem Reap province. I was born in 10-12-1998. Now I work in Panha Sabay it very good job to work there because we also can help the people in Cambodia to have a job and reuse the plastic. Because there are a lot of plastic in the city. I am very happy to working on it because there are also help the children to have the thing to play and to study. When I know about how to reuse the plastic I can tell the people in my village to know and don’t throw the plastic everywhere. I hope they know about the problems when they throw the plastic everywhere. I hope when they know the problems of plastic and make the better with it. Finally thank you to my boss for give me the job.”   

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