Roopkom “Kids” English

Roopkom “Kids” English

Roopkom Kids English has been developed to supplement the basic skills taught in elementary school classrooms as well as be a fun and engaging game. 

The box actually contains 13 puzzles:

  • You can make 6 pictures of animals
  • And you can make 6 words of animals (in English).
  • Or if you really like a challenge, you can make the whole 3D puzzle.

While the appearance of the game itself may seem simple, the process for making it certainly is not. Each of the eight blocks are handmade from recycled water bottles!  Every block has a portion of an image on each side that when placed in the right combination showcases a complete picture or word!!

With this product we are also promoting recycling and environmental awareness. Every plastic bottle that is re-purposed into a Roopkom puzzle is helping to reduce the amount of waste we see around us. 

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