Rolum is not only a fun and engaging game, it also is a tool for supplementing the basic skills taught in elementary school. This game helps players to recognize numbers in Arabic digits as well as Khmer symbols; a valuable lesson at any age!

Each game contains 8 blocks; 6 numbered blocks and 2 different versions of dice. With these 8 blocks you can play a thrilling game that involves quick thinking and a steady hand. Roll the dice and build a tower in the correct numerical order, but watch out! The game ends when your tower comes tumbling down or you have successfully stacked all blocks. This game is self-correcting by checking the puzzle image located on the outside of the stacked blocks.

While the appearance of the game itself may seem simple, the process for making it certainly is not. Each of the eight blocks are handmade from recycled water bottles!  The six playing blocks have a portion of an image on four sides, and Arabic and Khmer numbers on the remaining two sides. Each dice brings something unique to the game; one shows the numbers in both Arabic and Khmer symbols, while the other represents the value of the numbers with pictures.

With this product we are also promoting recycling and environmental awareness. Every plastic bottle that is re-purposed into a game of Rolum is helping to reduce the amount of waste we see around us.

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