Leng Logic 3o

Leng Logic 3o

This book is part of the game, Leng. Leng has been developed to add to the lessons
taught in the elementary school classroom. Leng is self-correcting, meaning students
can work independently while still having the ability to check their work immediately.

Leng Logic 3o is the third book of Logic exercises. These exercises are at the level of
grade 3. Logic is not a separate subject in school, but its skills are hidden and used
in many subjects. Practicing logic means adding insight, thinking ahead and seeing
things from a different perspective.

In this book you find activities like:
● Completing puzzles.
● Recognizing silhouettes and shapes
● Seeing things from a different perspective.
● Reading tables and maps.
● Finding missing links.

To play Leng you need a gameboard and 12 colored game pieces. This book is also
available in a complete set.
With Leng you can practice at home what you have learned in school.

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