Leng Math 1o

Leng Math 1o

This book is part of the game, Leng. Leng has been developed to supplement Math skills taught in the elementary school classroom. Leng is self-correcting, meaning students can work independently while still having the ability to check their work immediately.

Leng Math 1o is the first book of Math exercises of subjects learned in grade 1 or preschool:

  • Looking for similarities, opposites or mirrored shapes
  • Arranging and organizing
  • Terms like longest and biggest
  • Counting 1 – 10 and a first encounter with writing Khmer numbers

To play Leng you need the Leng-answer-board and the 12 colored Leng-game-pieces. This book is also available in a complete set.

With Leng you can practice at home what you have learned in school.

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