Leng set

Leng set

This game, Leng, has been developed to supplement skills taught in the elementary school classroom. Leng is self-correcting, meaning students can work independently while still having the ability to check their work immediately.

Leng set includes three activity books, an answer board and 12 different colored game pieces.

The blue activity books are all about Math.
The pink activity books are all about reading Khmer.
The green activity books are about Logic.

We will continue developing more books, so be sure to check back!

To begin playing Leng, open the activity book to the subject of your choice and place your answer board on the white space on the right page. The goal is to correctly match questions or puzzles from the left side of the page to their corresponding answer on the right side of the page through a color-coded system. For example, if the question has a blue circle next to it, the player would place their blue circle game piece in the corresponding spot on the answer board. To check your work, simply turn the page and look at the answer key!

With Leng you can practice at home what you have learned in school.

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