Tor Tor 1 (addition and subtraction)

Tor Tor 1 (addition and subtraction)

Tor Tor 1 is an engaging game that promotes sharpening your math skills while having fun! The players will practice addition and subtraction with digits from 0-15 and be rewarded with a beautiful pattern of colors once the game is complete.

Each game contains 8 blocks; all of the blocks have 3 sides with 2 math problems and 3 sides with colors. To begin, choose any block with the math problems facing up. Solve each line and look for your answers as the first 2 numbers in a different equation on a new block. Continue solving until all 8 blocks are in a row.

This game is self-correcting. So when you’re ready to check your work: Turn your whole row over two times. When the color pattern is correct, you’ve done a perfect job!

We continue to take pride in recycling plastic water bottles to create each of the 8 handmade blocks. Tor Tor, along with all of the products of Panha Sabay, promote environmental awareness; each plastic bottle that is repurposed helps reduce the amount of waste we see around us and energizes others to contribute to keeping Cambodia beautiful. 

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